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#textiletuesday Vs. Interior Design Bowl

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design. — Charles Eames

It's Super Bowl week in Houston which ultimately means one thing – it's almost time for Puppy Bowl XIII!

Take a look below for Part 2 of Super Bowl Pre-Game Spaces featuring JPDG interior designs that are perfect for entertaining.

kitchen's designed for entertaining

Pick up a copy of Spectacular Kitchens of Texas for more information on these fabulous kitchen, bar and dining room designs.

Galley-Like Chic

This was a new construction residential project, meaning, we essentially started with a clean slate – side effects include, but are not limited to: inability to turn off your brain due to an influx of ideas, "aha" moments, insomnia, happy dances, and sometimes blurred vision. However,

it is all worth the risk when you end up with a fabulous interior like this.

The design of this home exemplifies the positive effect that color, lighting and texture can have on a space when properly balanced. A locally crafted kitchen hood (accented with stainless straps), backsplash of custom designed tiles and subtle color palette gives this kitchen a look that is striking and chic. The sophisticated lighting design compliments the space plan and transforms this galley-like kitchen into an open functional space suitable for cooking and entertaining. This one is definitely Super Bowl ready!

Tuscan Twist

This home was screaming for an update but wanted to stay true to it's original Tuscan style roots – ergo, the Tuscan Twist was born.

Our designer's kept the leathered marble floors, columns and ceiling beams. A semi transparent black stain was specified for the beams, adding a modern touch and tied the kitchen, breakfast and family area together – perfect for entertaining. Original cabinet frames paired with new doors and hardware, a sustainable Caesarstone countertop and reclaimed butcher block wood on the island bring character to this "Green" kitchen.

Citron green was the main accent color used throughout the space. This stimulating hue adds energy to the home and energized guests will surely make for a memorable night. Ah, success!

Photographs by Julie Soefer.

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