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#textiletuesday Vs. Utility Rooms

Who says laundry has to be a chore?

Often times, laundry rooms are overlooked. That should not be the case - laundry may not be a glamorous task, but the space you do it in can be! Laundry rooms need to be functional as well as organized. Storage and easy-to-clean surfaces are ideal! Here are a few of our favorite laundry rooms - some are practical and some are personalized. Do you call it a laundry room or utility room? Cast your ballot in our instagram story.

This crisp clean laundry room offers plenty of work surface, an additional refrigerator and storage.

The remodel of this laundry room was inspired by the client’s collection of blue and white antiques. The space was redesigned to showcase the collection in an unorthodox way while improving the work area for everyday laundry tasks, thus making the laundry room a fun and important feature of the home.

With custom artwork touching every surface of this Italian Grotto inspired room, one would never know that the space doubles as a Wine Room and Laundry Room.

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