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#textiletuesday Vs. Q&A with a Client

Harvey made me do it!

Hurricane Harvey impacted every Houstonian either directly or indirectly. It was amazing to see how our beloved city came together and help out one another. As a design firm, we saw what Harvey did to many of our clients. Several of our past client’s came back to us to help re-build/re-design their once beloved project and many new clients put their trust in us with their new design purpose. We were even able to provide contractors with the details and drawing from the work we did for our past client’s and provide clients the documents they needed for their insurance companies.

One new project that came from the wrath of Harvey is a 17 year old Mediterranean house. Four feet of water took everything away from the homeowner, who was forced to rebuild the interior of her home. This new client, a recent widow, came to JPDG to help rebuild her once beloved home she shared with her late husband of 45 years. She wanted to keep her existing ceramic floors since they were not destroyed and at the time she wanted to keep her light fixtures because they were not damaged. There were things that Harvey took away but her heart and memories are still there. Our client, who is the queen of entertaining, a person with excellent taste and fine art collections, wasn’t ready for what Harvey had in store for her. Like so many Houstonians, this strong independent lady didn’t let Harvey slow her down. This house is a fresh start in so many ways and we were so pleased that she trusted us.

We asked our client a few questions about the design process of her home.

What was my main concern about hiring a designer?

“Proper due diligence and trust were main concerns. Finding someone who would share my vision of the new direction my home would be and crafting that vision into my space. The most important consideration in narrowing down a choice of designer was trusting the designer’s competency. I had to be confident that their knowledge of construction, materials, and sourcing was professional grade.” ​

What was my favorite part of working with a designer?

“The collaborative effort was most definitely my favorite part of the process. Jane Page Design Group did the work of understanding my likes and dislikes before bringing ideas to choose from. Narrowing down the choices for each area of construction and furnishings made the meeting productive. I also appreciated their involvement overseeing the builder’s subcontractors. This saved me hours of my inexperienced oversight because I trusted that to Jane Page Design Group would provide the expertise to produce a quality outcome.”

What is your advice to some who is looking for a designer?

“My first advice is that you do your due diligence and know about the histories of the firms you are considering. Online is an excellent way to find examples of their work. Choose a design group that has been working with the type of project you are considering. Choose a design group that has a significant track history. When issues come up…and they will….you want to trust that the design group can work their way through them without sacrificing the best possible outcome. My second advice is to trust the designer. Welcome the chance to surrender your limited ideas to be developed by a professional. There is a huge and wonderful reward waiting for you if you can give up control! Remember, as a rule, you get what you pay for. I certainly did.”

Additional comments:

“I was a recent widow and my one-story home had 3-1/2 ft. of flood water in it after Harvey. Facing the task of rebuilding after losing just about everything was daunting. I basically saved artwork and dishes. I needed to assemble a team that could guide me in the total restoration of my house making it my “life- going- forward” home. When you see these pictures of Jane Page Design Group’s work, you will see a home full of promise of happier days ahead. The best decision I made was to hire Jane Page Design Group. I really love my post Harvey home!” Nancy Beyer

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