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#textiletuesday Vs. Sweater Weather

Eat, Drink & Be Cozy – all year round!

They say that Texas has two seasons: Summer and Winter.

What is often forgotten is that these two seasons have this profound ability to quickly switch from one to the other multiple times in a single week – sometimes within 24 hours. This can cause a serious conflict for the avid entertainer or outdoorsman when they are constantly having to reschedule or change plans simply because the weather is not cooperating. So how do we over come the madness that is Texas weather?

winter kitchen design

It's quite simple really.

Interior designers have a tendency to focus strongly on the overall aesthetics of a space, the style, the "outer shell" of the design. This is good – I mean, that's our job, right? However, a great design digs a little deeper, it has to be personal and functional! When designing for the outdoors the construction of a spaces "inner shell" is the most important consideration when faced with a challenge as big as Texas weather, more specifically Houston weather. To overcome this challenge designs must be innovative, incorporate cutting edge technology, oh, and be gorgeous, inviting and cozy all at the same time!

Photography by Rob Muir

This award-winning outdoor pavilion was designed for enjoyment all year round. The open structure allows for a nice breeze and is constructed so that rain can not easily blow in on the sides. In addition to this natural ventilation system, electric heaters and a fans were installed in the ceiling to help better regulate temperatures. The fireplace is a wonderful focal point and gathering place during any month. The flooring is light in color so it won't radiate heat during the summer months and the texture provides traction and prevents slipping all year. Stainless steel cabinets were designed to conceal rolling trays for entertaining and the chiseled stone farmhouse sink can be used to ice drinks.

Check out more JPDG designs in Spectacular Outdoor Living - Texas by Signature Publishing Group.

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