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#textiletuesday Vs. Collections

Do you have a collection? Cozy up your home for a season of entertaining.

Collections should be fun and meaningful. One way of displaying your collection is by grouping. When grouping your collection the display becomes a “single” greater object in itself and makes your collection more important than any single piece in the collection. An important collection depends as much on affection and presentation as on cost or rarity. A centerpiece is another great way to showcase your collection. Create a rotation that features your favorite pieces so visitors can admire their detail when you are entertaining in your home.

Featured below are several collections from Santas, crystal boxes, blue and white pottery, elephants, red dishes and perfume bottles. A collection can be a lifetime journey and can be as simple or elaborate as you want. To make it interesting for others, learn interesting facts regarding each item in your collection.

Shown above is a room that was specially created for our client's collection of carved wood Santas. This unique room was designed with furniture style cabinets with details of glass doors and shelves, display lights and a gray and cream strié finish, which highlights the client’s outstanding collection.

Share your information regarding your collection(s). Tell us how it got started, what your parameters are, and how you display the collection.

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