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#textiletuesday Vs. Pet-Friendly

These pet-friendly design ideas just may be the cat's meow.

smoky lavender interior

Fact: We love our four legged family members and couldn't dream of living without them. They are the ultimate partner in crime – Want to go for a run? Yes! Looking for a copilot to accompany you on that long treacherous journey to the dry cleaners? Take Me! In dire need of a wingman? I’ve got your back! Or maybe you just need a buddy to lounge around with and binge watch season after season on Netflix. Our furbabies become an integral part of the family and are here to stay.

We know what a hassle it is to constantly be cleaning pet hair from your furniture and floors, but keep in mind you don’t have to compromise style for function. There are lots of new materials and designs that offer the best of both worlds. Keeping pets and a clean home is easier than ever – here are a few materials to keep on your radar.

Fabrics: When it comes to fabrics and pets, using outdoor fabrics can be the solution. Keep in mind, in regards to durability – these fabrics are only as durable for pets as they are for humans but they are CLEANABLE! There are many fabrics that are solution dyed and you can even use bleach to clean them. Sunbrella is a great source for outdoor fabrics and they offer many colors and patterns that can are stylish and tasteful. For those feline pets, there is nothing you can do about claws and fabric but we have found that (though not scientifically proven), velvet and mohair fabrics are better, because they can’t really dig their claws deep in the fabrics due to the plush material. (Featured fabrics below –Thibaut)

Flooring: It can be hard to escape the never ending shedding of our furry friends – which can be seen all over the floors. Selecting a porcelain that has movement or variation can help disguise pet hair. Porcelain does not hold urination spots like hardwood floors. In fact, it doesn’t scratch and is easy to maintain, making porcelain an excellent option for animal lovers. (Featured porcelain tiles – Horizon Tile)

Hardwood floors can scratch and dent more easily than laminate, stone, porcelain or stone flooring. Also, you need to clean up puddles immediately on all flooring types, especially hardwood planks to keep from staining or warping. If you do choose hardwood floors, choose harder woods such as Oak or Mahogany.

Rugs: Area rugs made of stain-resistant fiber can add interest (and provide traction for pets who are unsteady on slick surfaces) Area rugs are a great solution versus wall to wall carpet. Stark Carpet has a pet friendly product that contains heat set courtron polypropylene which means it can dry quickly and retain their colors well.

Photo courtesy of Horizon Tile

Porcelain Flooring shown is from the Millelegni collection ; Color: Grey Ash

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