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#textiletuesday vs. the weather

Somedays you have to create your own sunshine & hopefully we can help!

Creating your own sunshine sounds nearly impossible.. and in reality it pretty much is just that, impossible. Unless you are the sun of course. If you are the sun then you can make as much vitamin C as your little heart desires and kindly share it with the world. However, Houston appears to be experiencing a bit of a drought in the sunshine department.

As interior designers we have a passion for creating and designing beautiful things. Home interiors, home exteriors, boutiques, doctor offices, hotels, airplanes, boats.. I mean, the list goes on and on. After dealing with what seems like an eternity of rain, the JPDG team got together and thought "what could Houston be doing to cause all of this rain?" After some serious deliberation the designers came up with a theory and a solution. It is very simple really.. We haven't been doing the Sun Dance!

Check out our interior design concept board and hopefully it will inspire you to do your Sun Dance!

outdoor kitchen design

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