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#textiletuesday Vs. Hunt Slonem

"Everybunny needs somebunny sometimes."

The time has finally come, Easter is this weekend so let's get a little bunny crazy!

Check out our latest interior design concept board inspired by Hunt Slonem's "Bunnies":

smoky lavender interior

A Neo-Expressionism Flair

It's been almost a year since our design team first laid eyes on this one-of-a-kind textile line and we've been waiting for the right time to share it with you ever since!

As interior designers, we naturally see a lot of "stuff". And being in the Houston interior design industry, it's even more "stuff". There is always something new — trends change, improvements are made and creative minds are constantly flowing. The fact that these "bunnies" haven't faded to a distant memory of what could have been an absolutely brilliant room in your home, says a lot.

Hunt Slonem has been painting these fluffy guys since the 1980's and they have recently made their way from canvas to fabric and wallpaper. Lee Jofa Groundworks has partnered with Slonem to create textiles featuring his "bunnies" and some other signature pieces of artwork.

We know what you're thinking — dreams do come true.

Now you can turn your house into an art exhibit by adding some Slonem fabrics, wallpapers and artwork to every room! OK, that may be going a little overboard. We can take it down a notch. Just scatter some of these fun textiles throughout your home and enjoy art like never before.

Hunt Slonem, Artist

"Bunnies" make for a memorable home interior:

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