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#textiletuesday Vs. Smoky Lavender

"I prefer living in color." — David Hockney

We have seen a lot of this purple hue lately. Its quickly spreading throughout the design community — making its way into various textiles such as fabric, wallpaper and carpet.

Check out our latest interior design concept board inspired by Smoky Lavender:

smoky lavender interior

Live Lavishly with Lavender

This shade of purple has been associated with refinement, grace and elegance. The addition of a smoky undertone neutralizes the purple, transforming a potentially over powering color into one that is easily applicable to every space in your home.

Selecting a paint color for your home can be a daunting task. This is your chance to do something different. In situations where the majority would select a grey or beige neutral, you don't. Instead, you opt for the road less travelled and it is glorious! Smoky Lavender can be used in place of neutrals. If the commitment of colorful walls is a little intimidating, there are many, less permanent, opportunities. I.e. in your furniture, artwork, home accessories, rugs, etc.

Hello — paint, wallpaper, fabric, carpet, furniture, bedding, pillows, home decor and lacquered finishes.

It's nice to finally meet you!

Sincerely, Smoky Lavender

This purple-obsessed home was featured in House Beautiful magazine:

Mary McGee, Interior Designer

We also loved these spaces! Enjoy some bonus Smoky Lavender interior inspiration:

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