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#textiletuesday Vs. Oscars

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." — Rachel Zoe


We can't speak for the masses, but we are inclined to think that most would agree..

Leonardo DiCaprio's impeccable style leaves much to NOT be said!

Check out our latest interior design color board inspired by this recent, well-deserved, Oscar winning gentleman:

Dapper, tailored, sophisticated style.

Who could resist? This refined taste in style has been around for centuries and has been mastered by countless fashion designers from around the world. With that being said, fashion design and interior design go hand in hand.. so get your home fitted for this timeless tailored look!

Just like Leo's suit, your homes interior should also be well-fitted. Black and white is a classic color combination, but we added a hint of gold in celebration of Leo's accomplishment. There are numerous "suit" fabric patterns to choose from, so don't limit yourself to just one. Feel free to go check, plaid, gingham, herringbone, stripe, twill and houndstooth crazy!

A Subtle Masculine Flair — This London townhouse, designed by François Catroux, has held its own with our designers over the years and is still one of our favorite interior spaces:

The contrast of white and (almost) black makes a dramatic statement, but also helps your eye to navigate throughout the space. And we just LOVE the herringbone/pinstripe stair runner!

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