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A Designer Recap: High Point 2015

We came, we saw, we learned, and now we want to share!

Jane-Page, Ashley and Amanda just returned to Houston after visiting The International High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina. This is the furnishing industries largest trade show in the world, with more than 75,000 designer's and decorator's in attendance, and is held every six months.

The designer's at JPDG travel to High Point once a year to sit, touch, photograph and learn about the latest styles and the newest products. Staying up to date with interior design trends gives our team the necessary tools for providing our client's with amazing results.

We see so many wonderful things during this trip and even bring back some of our favorite furniture and accessory pieces for you to enjoy. The Backroom at JPDG is already receiving shipments from our market trip, so stop by our showroom and take a look first hand!​

Here's a recap on some of our favorite new trends and products:

Custom Chair with Cut Velvet Fabric

The Chair ... It's not often we find a chrome-framed chair that is suitable for a vast array of styles. This Taylor King furniture piece is stylish and extremely comfortable - we all performed the "sit" test, and it passed with flying colors! They also offer the option to customize by picking your own fabric, but we think they did a great job with their selection.

The Trend ... Luscious cut-velvet's are in and they are not going away anytime soon! This is the perfect way to add some texture in your home.

Nesting Table with Ottoman

The Table ... This Theodore Alexander table-ottoman duo is not just classy, but also very clever. A multifunction piece such as this is a great solution for those rooms that are low on space and seating.

The Trend ...​ The demand for clever design is growing rapidly. Furniture that serves multiple purposes and helps to save space have the upper hand in this industry.

Trendy Lamps

The Lamp ... A necessary accessory – they light up a room (no pun intended…) and add sophistication! All of the designer’s at JPDG find lamps to be one of the most important additions to a furnished interior. Here are two of our favs from Currey & Company and Wildwood Lamps & Accents.

The Trend ... Some things just never seem to fade out of style – blue and white, polished crystal, marble, and acrylic details have truly withstood the test of time.

Looking to add some color? A dyed agate is the perfect solution! This gemstone offers a wide variety of color options and every stone has its own unique banding pattern.

Stylish Foo Dog Accessories
Foo Dog Lamp

​The Foo Dog ... These adorable pups were a big hit at market this year and made their appearance in almost every show room in various forms. Shown in bright bold colors as lamps, statues and antiques – everyone must have at least one! After all, what’s a home without some fun accessories and décor?

The Trend ... The presence of the Foo Dog is a strong indicator of a big trend that’s heading our way. The Asian invasion of interior design!

With modern, contemporary and transitional currently ranking among the top most popular interior design styles, an Asian-inspired influence just makes sense! Their clean lines, awareness of balance, and desire for a functional design are all desirable characteristics for any interior design project. This new Asian fusion gives designers the opportunity to add some unique pieces and a tasteful twist to any room.

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