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To Remodel, or Not To Remodel

Featuring one of JPDG's 2015 award winning projects!

Master Bathroom Remodel in Houston, TX

Renovations and remodels are a scary, and often overwhelming, thought for most homeowners. However, after taking this plunge into the unknown, you will find that remodels reap many benefits personally and as a property investment.

A bathroom is the second most important space a homeowner can update (kitchen's claim the No. 1 spot). The time spent in your bathroom is sacred. It can be your thinking place, your escape... or where you go to shamelessly try on 20 outfits, only to leave in the first one you put on. Either way, a bath renovation is sure to enhance your life... oh, and provide a great return on investment should you decide to sell in the future!

Selecting a licensed and experienced interior design firm for your project is essential to a successfully designed space. After that, the remodeling process can be broken down into 4 easy steps, see below for more details!

The Bathroom Remodel Process in 4 Steps

Step 1 ...You NEED Help!

OK, you have finally committed to this remodel, now it is time to get things rolling! There are 3 important parts to this step:

1. The initial meeting/site visit - this is your chance to meet your team of designers, share inspiration photos, discuss ideas, and ask questions.

2. The design phase - let's make your dreams a reality! The interior designers will space plan, design the lighting, produce professional drawings, and make material selections.

3. The contractor bid - once everything is tailored to your liking, your designer will write up a detailed specification document for your project. You can now send this out for bids!

Step 2 ...The dirty work.

You have sent out your specification documents, reviewed bids, and now have a contractor!

Depending on the scale of the project, you will likely have to temporarily move out of your bathroom. This was a full gut job, but remodels can be as simple or drastic as you would like.

Some easy ideas for updating your space include the following:

  • New paint colors

  • Add a modern wallcovering

  • Refinish cabinets

  • New hardware selections

  • Upgrade light fixtures

Step 3 ...The Progress.

You are almost there! When your contractor has left for the day, and you sneak past the yellow tape, the bathroom design you fell in love with is visibly starting to take shape.

The interior designers should keep an open line of communication with the client and contractor until completion. Though change orders and delays are a possibility with any remodel, a good relationship between client, designer and contractor will lower the chances for them to occur.

Site visits, phone calls, and emails help to ensure everyone is on the same page and that the project deadline will be met.

Step 4 ...The Results!

Your patience has paid off and it is finally time for the big reveal!

This project was a full-gut job and took approximately 3 months to complete. JPDG transformed this dated master bathroom into a beautiful, contemporary, cohesive space.

What this remodel entailed:

  • Better space planning

  • Finish selections

  • Floor plan/elevations

  • Lighting design/selection

  • Tile and stone design/selection

  • Custom window design

  • Custom mirror/glass design

  • Hardware selection

  • Plumbing selection

Take a look at more fantastic shots of this bath interior!

*The contractor for this project was Cameron Builders

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