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Persistent with Persimmon

Home Interiors Fall Color Forecast

Fall season has officially begun!

The temperature is finally starting to drop, you suddenly find yourself spending more time outdoors, holiday entertaining is a hot household topic, and everything has magically become pumpkin spiced!

You may have already begun integrating fall fashion into your wardrobe selections, so what better time to start thinking about adding these fun colors to your homes interior projects!

With interior design, it's "safe" to limit your project creativity to the confines of a neutral color palette. However, while a "safe" design most definitely has its place, there's a fine line to walk between brilliant and boring.

Persimmon is a great color that is both lively and sophisticated. Pump up the energy in any room with splashes of Persimmon in your paint selection, artwork, upholstery fabrics, pillows and other accessories. This is quickly becoming a designer's favorite!

Stylish Formal Living Room with Persimmon
Persimmon Textiles for Custom Furniture

Incorporating color with your home interior is key for constructing a memorable, and stimulating environment. Experiment with color, texture and pattern to activate the senses, and to ensure your guests will keep coming back for more! If you are weary of using color for fear you will want it changed 3 years down the road, fret not, simply apply it to short-term elements that can easily be replaced. This living room uses Persimmon tastefully in the chair fabric and sofa pillows. The sofa and daybed are neutral, but their fun texture and pattern keep things interesting. Black is then incorporated in the furniture, fireplace and drapery panels to pop against the neutrals and Persimmon, transforming this space into a dramatic formal living room!

Bold Bedroom Design with Persimmon Walls and Bedding Accents
Colorful Chaise Lounge with Textured Accents

This master bedroom takes the opportunity for applying color to a whole new level! Persimmon is used on the walls and as accents in the bedding.

Furniture is another great way to add color in any room. This chaise was custom made to fit the master bedroom nook and is a great place to relax while enjoying your view out the bay windows!

This bold bedroom design perfectly balances color with classic styling.

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