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White After Labor Day : It's OK!

Labor Day has long been dubbed the marker for the end of white fashion, at least until Memorial Day! Although people who choose to wear white into the Fall are no longer heavily criticized for the choice, the stigma attached to a decision such as this is deeply embedded in our brains.

A Classic Kitchen Designed with Modern Influences

Several theories exist about the rule that governs people to not wear white after Labor Day, but the whole concept is still a shrouded mystery. The most logical reason is that it reminded people not to wear summer weight clothing during the winter. I would like to give the human race a little more credit by assuming at this point in time, we don’t need the color of a piece of clothing to tell us whether it will be warm enough for colder weather!

Fashion and Interior Design have always followed similar trends in style. Below are FIVE strategies for tastefully sporting white with your apparel and home after Labor Day.

#1 White | White

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of trying an all white look! (no matter what time of year it is) It is extremely refreshing and inviting. The brightness can actually be energizing! Who wouldn't want that? You can pair this look with any finish to add more depth to the design.

A White on White Kitchen for a New Construction Home

#2 White | Black

This classic combination is bold and timeless. The stark contrast draws your attention and interesting design keeps it.

A White and Black Kitchen Design Helps to Add Contrast

#3 White | Color

White is one of the easiest looks to add color to, and it goes with everything! This is your opportunity to be adventurous! Pick a color you would typically steer away from because finding coordinating colors is usually too difficult.

A White Kitchen Goes with Any Color

#4 White | Texture

Texture is fun to explore! You can create interest by mixing materials and finishes, while staying within the confines of a white color palette.

A Kitchen is the Perfect Place to Add Texture Through Material Selections

#5 Off-White

If your not feeling quite brave enough to fully embrace the pure white, then an off-white is a safe alternative. The previous 4 strategies are applicable to this as well!

A Off-White Kitchen Has the Same Benefits of White, But it's Softer

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